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About Wes

Cameras Are Cool!!!

That's what I thought as a child, and it's still true today. My first camera was a Polaroid "Swinger" and I've still got it on display in the den of my studio, along with several other cameras I've accumulated over the years. Although I went to college as a pre-med major at the University of South Carolina, I was one of those guys that took a camera with me to the ball game, to the concert, or pretty much wherever I went. It was fun! (Plus, I quickly learned that girls liked guys with cameras. I later met my wife at a photo shoot!) I took photography and filmmaking classes as college electives, and decided after college to pursue photography as a career. That was a great decision. True, it's sometimes been hard to keep the bills paid, but I feel very lucky to have found a career that's so personally fulfilling.

After several years of working as a studio photographer and photography manager with a couple of companies, I started Wilson Studio in 1995. At first concentrating on local wedding photography and family portraits, my clients now include national businesses and clients throughout the nation, and my images have appeared in magazines such as Millionaire Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Ebony, and others.

When not behind a camera, I'm often traveling to various photography conventions and other training sessions these days. With all the advances in digital technology, there are always new and amazing discoveries waiting to be explored. I'm a firm believer in staying on top of latest developments, and plan to be on the leading edge throughout my photography career.



Wes Wilson - owner - Wilson Studio of Fine Photography


Professional Photographic Artist since 1985

member - Professional Photographers of America

Professional Photographers of South Carolina

Nikon Professional Services Member

North Augusta Chamber of Commerce

Grace United Methodist Church



Multi-Award Winning Photographic Artist

Winner - "Best of the Best VI" National Model Photography Competition 2010

Inducted - National Registry of Who's Who (2000)

Georgia Bridal Show - "Best of Show" (2000)

NSS Portrait Excellence Winner (7 times)